Nigeria player pained after he's thrown out of Olympics hotel

Nigeria player pained after he's thrown out of Olympics hotel
Nigeria Olympic team - Sincere Seth is squatting second right

by Staff Reporter

Tuesday Aug 16, 2016. 18:22

One of the Nigeria footballers ordered home from the Rio Olympics has lamented how they were thrown out of the team’s hotel and had to spend their own money to pay for the two nights they spent in Brazil thereafter before they flew out to Nigeria.

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Cash-strapped Nigeria authorities ordered two alternate players Stanley Dimgba and Yusuf Mohammed as well as several officials to head home because they could no longer pay their way.

“God will fight my fight for me. It was heart-breaking when we were told to quit the team’s hotel in Sao Paulo,” said the player, who did not want to be identified.

“When you returned to Sao Paulo (from Salvador)they gave rooms to only the 18 players registered for the competition and even some team officials did not get hotel rooms too.

“For the two extra nights we spent in Brazil, we had to pay with our own money for our hotel and feeding.

“That is life for you.”

Nigeria take on Germany in a Rio Olympics semi-final on Wednesday by 8pm.

By Kola Daniel


I am not Nigerian, but I am a member of the African diaspora and follow the African teams closely. Nigeria is such a powerful footballing country, but unfortunately, its full potential to rock world football is stymied by a definitely inept and inefficient, and most likely corrupt football administration. Every year, a new drama unfolds where FIFA threatens to suspend the NFA due to government interference, then an agreement is reached at the last second to avoid suspension. Then the situation repeats itself the following year. Moreover, there is always a consistent rivalry between opposing football administrators, who feel they are the legitimate NFA representative to run football. Then there was the debacle in South Africa 2010, where I read that an investigation found Nigerian football administrators that chaperoned the team were on a spending spree and having a good time with money earmarked for the team. The great Lillian Thuram, the world-cup-winning French footballer of African descent, made a comment many years ago about African teams. He was commenting on Togo's threat not to play in one of its group matches in the 2006 World Cup in Germany due to unpaid bonuses. FIFA had to intervene and pay the players from money earmarked for the Togolese federation in order to avoid a disaster. Basically, Thuram said that African teams perpetuate the stereotype of corrupt, and inefficient organizations because of the way they conduct themselves and run their organizations. Until they change this mindset, Nigerian footballers selected for the national will continue to suffer.

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