Rogon launches football scouting app Cuju for Africa

Rogon launches football scouting app Cuju for Africa
Henry Isaac of Rogon

by Staff Reporter

Thursday Dec 01, 2016. 12:05

Budding football stars in Nigeria and beyond who wish to play in Europe will soon get a chance to show off their skills through a new scouting application developed by top football agency Rogon.

Rogon will on Wednesday launch the special scouting app called Cuju, which will allow even players on the streets anywhere in the world to display their skills, which will then be assessed by experts, who could then invite them for trials abroad.

Nigerian-born Rogon representative Henry Isaac said his company has invested heavily on this app, which he is confident will revolutionise football scouting around the world.

“Rogon Sports Management was founded in the early 90s, it is the biggest in Germany, it is based outside Frankfurt, and the fifth biggest in the world with offices in Brazil, Europe and Asia,” Isaac began.

“We have some of the biggest Brazilian players in Europe like Firmino of Liverpool, Rafinha from Bayern Munich, Gustavo is with Wolfsburg as well as Julian Drasler. In total we manage 120 players.

“In less than a week, we will launch an app to develop African players and assist in the development of football in Africa beginning with Nigeria, where I come from.

“I have been to Brazil, where we have an office and a team, who play in the second division, and I have come to know that we have the same culture with Brazil, same football talents like Brazil, even more than Brazil.

“But while Brazil have won five World Cups and have a top league, but it is not so with Nigeria despite all the great talents we have.

“I told them at Rogon that we have the Ronaldos and Messis here in Nigeria, you just have to scout them out because they play on the streets.

“The great ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha did not play for long in Nigeria before he went on to become one of the best midfielders in the world.

“And I know there are better players than Okocha and Kanu still in Nigeria, but they are nowhere to be found because people don’t take the time to look around and scout them out.”

By Kola Daniel

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