Agent drags Ifeanyi Ubah Bulgarian coach Dobrev to FIFA over contract breach

Agent drags Ifeanyi Ubah Bulgarian coach Dobrev to FIFA over contract breach
Bulgarian coach Mitko Dobrev faces FIFA hammer after his failure to honour a contract with his Nigerian agent

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Monday Dec 26, 2016. 13:20

The agent of FC Ifeanyi Ubah coach Mitko Dobrev has threatened to drag the Bulgarian coach to FIFA for sidelining him on his return to Nigeria even though he still has a contract with him till 2019.

Geoffrey Aghogi said Dobrev, who he first brought to Nigeria in 2007 and then to Ifeanyi Ubah in 2015, has so far refused to pay him agreed commissions after he returned to work with Ifeanyi Ubah this year.

The agent alleged that Dobrev has now hired his personal driver as his agent even though he has a contract with him.

“I have a contract with coach Mitko Dobrev, which was signed by both parties, and runs till 2019.

“If he fails to honour this contract I will take the matter to FIFA."

“Dobrev has now engaged the services of his driver as his agent, secretary and adviser,” he further claimed.

“When I called him recently, he told me he will discuss our issue with his secretary, before he will pay me. When he called me, he gave his driver the phone to talk to me.

“The driver introduced himself as Victor, secretary to coach Dobrev, but during our conversation I noticed from his voice that it is Papa, his driver, who was talking with me. He later affirmed that he was the one talking, that he's in charge of anything concerning Dobrev now.”

Aghogi further alleged that Ifeanyi Ubah set him up against his client after he lodged a petition to the League Management Company (LMC) over the severance package for Dobrev after his first spell at the Nnewi club.

“In October last year, my client called me from Bulgaria to inform me that the chairman of FC Ifeanyi Ubah Chukwuma Ubah called him and appealed to him to come back to the team by the next season,” he recalled.

“Dobrev told the chairman to get in touch with his Nigerian agent (Geoffrey Aghogi), but the chairman told him he doesn't want to deal with his agent, that the Bulgarian should get someone else to represent him, instead of his agent.

"The management of this club has been angry with me because, I wrote a petition to the L.MC asking for the full entitlements of my client who was sacked last year.

“The coach later told me that it was the owner/president of the FC Ifeanyi Ubah who called him and pleaded with him to come back to the team.

“He went further to reveal that the club president told him not to inform me that he's coming back to the team. That he doesn't want his agent (Geoffrey Aghogi) to be involved in anything.

“He told me that top hierarchy of the club has told him to part company with me and he was also warned not to seen with his agent within the period he is with them.

“He pleaded with me not to visit, so that he would not be sacked as he's desperate to get a new job.

“He promised to pay me our agreed contract fees from the month of March, once he started receiving his salary or sign-on fee.

“He has refused to pay me what is due to me since our last meeting.”

The agent has since reached out to an official of the club Jonathan Igwe, who told him Dobrev does not have any contract or agreement with him.

Igwe said Dobrev told them he got this job on his own because it wasn`t his agent, who brokered his second spell with the club, rather it was the club president who asked him to come and work for him.

Igwe added Dobrev recommended one Alexander Minovski, a Bulgarian who is based in UK, as his new agent.

Aghogi said the Alexander in  question is really not an agent but a family friend, who acts like an adviser to him because he speaks fluent English.

The agent has also tried to reach the club president Ifeanyi Ubah via text messages, but he has not got any response.

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