War-ravaged South Sudan's new FA boss has big plans

War-ravaged South Sudan's new FA boss has big plans

by Phumzile Ngcatshe

Wednesday Jun 28, 2017. 09:00

In an aim to unite the country, the new president of the South Sudan's Football Association, Francis Amin, says he can use the game to unite the war-ravaged nation.

For the past four years the world's youngest nation has been torn apart by a civil war which was sparked by a political power struggle.

The civil war has left thousands of people killed and hundreds of thousands seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and beyond.


However, Amin, who was elected in elections supervised by FIFA, wants to develop the game throughout the country as well as using the game to bring people together in a country scarred by massacres and killings on ethnic grounds.

Amin spoke to the BBC website and said that his priorities included developing the administration of the game, and taking South Sudanese football to an African or even world level.

On the other hand, he has vowed to improve the standard of refereeing, coaching, women's football and pitches around the country.

"I'm trying to use football as a tool to unite the people of South Sudan; football can bring them together as one," said Amin.

"We have the example of the national team; when they have a match, all the people forget about their problems, they come all of them under one flag of the national team.

“I'm a businessman, actually, by profession, so I'm thinking of how to make an investment section in the football association.”

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