African Stars Watch: 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Tuesday 10 September - As it happened

African Stars Watch: 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Tuesday 10 September - As it happened
Peter Shalulile of Namibia challenged by Nordin Amaabat of Morocco during the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations Finals match between Morocco and Namibia. ©Samuel Shivambu/BackpagePix

by Graeme Jackson

Tuesday Sep 10, 2019. 20:35

Welcome to for our African Stars Watch of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers across the continent on Tuesday 10 September 2019. No less than 10 teams booked their place in the group stage (second round) of Africa’s qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

Today’s results

Malawi 1-0 Botswana (Malawi won 1-0 on aggregate)

Eswatini 0-0 Djibouti (Djibouti won 2-1 on aggregate)

Zimbabwe 3-1 Somalia (Zimbabwe won 3-2 on aggregate)

Mozambique 2-0 Mauritius (Mozambique won 3-0 on aggregate)

Angola 2-1 Gambia (Angola won 3-1 on aggregate)

Togo 2-0 Comoros (Togo won 3-1 on aggregate)

Rwanda 7-0 Seychelles (Rwanda won 10-0 on aggregate)

Guinea-Bissau 2-1 Sao Tome e Principe (Guinea-Bissau won 3-1 on aggregate)

Namibia 2-0 Eritrea (Namibia won 4-1 on aggregate)

Sudan 0-0 Chad (Sudan 3-1 on aggregate)

Commentary (all times CAT)

21:00 – Full time! Namibia 2-0 Eritrea and Sudan 0-0 Chad. The Brave Warriors and Falcons of Jediane are the final qualifiers to the group stage of Africa’s group stage in the 2022 World Cup preliminaries, after overcoming Eritrea and Chad respectively. That concludes our Africa Stars Watch for today, congratulations to the 10 teams which secured progression through the day!

20:55 – GOAL! Namibia 2-0 Eritrea. Peter Shalulile nets late on for Namibia to put the seal on their place in the next round, as they go 2-0 up against Eritrea in Windhoek.

20:35 – Less than 20 minutes of regulation left in Windhoek (where Namibia lead Eritrea 1-0) and Omdurman (where Sudan and Chad are still locked at 0-0). Our marathon Tuesday of matches is almost done!

20:25 – Full time! Guinea-Bissau 2-1 Sao Tome e Principe. The Djurtus had a bit of a scare against Sao Tome e Principe, but ultimately they came through to win 2-1 on the day and 3-1 overall, progressing into the group stage of Africa’s 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

20:07 – GOAL! Guinea-Bissau 2-1 Sao Tome e Principe. Another goal for Joseph Mendes and Guinea-Bissau have established some daylight between themselves and Sao Tome. The Djurtus lead 2-1 on the night and 3-1 overall.

20:05 – We’re into the second half in Windhoek and Omdurman for Namibia v Eritrea and Sudan v Chad.

19:57 – GOAL! Guinea-Bissau 1-1 Sao Tome e Principe. Key goal for Guinea-Bissau, as they level up the game at 1-1 and go into a 2-1 aggregate lead! Joseph Mendes got the goal for the Djurtus midway through the second half.

19:55 – Full time! Togo 2-0 Comoros and Rwanda 7-0 Seychelles. Togo and Rwanda advance into the group stage with 2-0 (3-1 on aggregate) and 7-0 (10-0 on aggregate) wins over the Comoros and Seychelles respectively. Not a good day for the island nations…

19:50 – Half time! We’ve reached the interval in Windhoek, where Namibia lead Eritrea 1-0 (3-1 overall), while Sudan and Chad are locked at 0-0 (3-1 on aggregate) in Omdurman.

19:38 – GOAL! Rwanda 7-0 Seychelles. It’s a perfect 10 for Rwanda: their seventh goal of the day in Kigali puts them 10-0 ahead on aggregate. This time it’s Muhadjir Hakizimana who has netted for Amavubi.

19:35 – Back underway in the second half in Bissau for Guinea-Bissau v Sao Tome e Principe, with the latter leading 1-0.

19:30 – GOAL! Togo 2-0 Comoros. Some much needed breathing room for Togo, who go 2-0 up (3-1 overall) at home to Comoros. The second goal arrived in the 70th minute via Gilles Sunu.

19:27 – GOAL! Namibia 1-0 Eritrea. Namibia claim the lead in Windhoek, with Absalom Limbondi netting in the 25th minute to put the Brave Warriors 3-1 up overall.

19:18 – Half time! Sao Tome e Principe lead 1-0 in Bissau at the break, with the tie level at 1-1 overall.

19:17 – GOAL! Rwanda 6-0 Seychelles. Can Amavubi go into double figures for this tie? Another goal in Kigali puts them 9-0 up on aggregate.

19:10 – GOAL! Rwanda 5-0 Seychelles. It’s a massacre in Kigali, with Rwanda racking up another goal to go 5-0 up on the day and 8-0 overall. This time it’s Meddie Kagere completing his brace.

19:05 – Back underway in the second half for Togo v Comoros and Rwanda v Seychelles.

19:00 – Kick-off! We are underway in Windhoek for Namibia v Eritrea and Sudan v Chad in Omdurman.

Here are the line-ups:

Namibia – Kazapua, Fredericks, Horaeb, Hotto, Katjiukua, Limbondi, Lombard, Ngaruka, Shalulile, Shilongo, Shitembi.

Eritrea – Solomun, Saied, Eyob, Fessehaye, Goitom, Okray, Solomon, Sulieman, Tekle, Teklezgi, Tumzghi.

Sudan – Abdallah Ali, Abakar, Abdalla, Agab, Boya, El Rasheed, Shighail, Eltahir, Hamid, Kamal, Y. Mohamed.

Chad – Matthieu, Abaya, Ambassa, Beadoum, Madtoingue, Mahamat, Marius, Mbangossoum, Ndouassel, Ninga, Otodjimbaye.

18:55 – Full time! Angola 2-1 Gambia. The Palancas Negras win 2-1 in Luanda to secure a 3-1 aggregate triumph adn advance into the group phase.

18:50 – Half time! Rwanda are cruising against Seychelles, enjoying a 4-0 lead, while Togo are 1-0 up against Comoros.

18:45 – GOAL! Guinea-Bissau 0-1 Sao Tome. The visitors lead 1-0 in Bissau through Iniesta, making it 1-1 on aggregate overall!

18:40 – GOAL! Rwanda 4-0 Seychelles. Rwanda add another goal through Jacques Tuyisenge.

18:32 – GOALS! Rwanda 3-0 Seychelles. The East Africans net a couple of quick goals to go 3-0 up on the day and 6-0 overall.

18:30 – Kick-off! We are underway in Bissau for Guinea-Bissau v Sao Tome e Principe.

Here are the line-ups:

Guinea-Bissau – Jon. Mendes, Cande, Nanu, Juary Soares, Rudnilson, Mane, Jorge Nogueira, Pele, Balde, Piqueti, Jos. Mendes.

Sao Tome e Principe – Aldair, Joazhifel, Ivonaldo, Dilson, Barbeiro, Montoia, Soares, Vava, Harramiz, Iniesta, Capito.

18:26 – GOAL! Angola 2-1 Gambia. But just like that the Palancas Negras re-establish control, with a goal from Fabio Abreu putting them 3-1 up overall!

18:23 – GOAL! Angola 1-1 Gambia. The Scorpions hit back in Luanda through Assan Ceesay in the 65th minute to make it 1-1 on the day and put themselves back in contention!

18:20 – GOAL! Rwanda 1-0 Seychelles. Rwanda open the scoring in Kigali through Bizimana Djihad in the 16th minute to go 4-0 up overall. They’re looking a safe bet to advance into the next round.

18:12 – GOAL! Togo 1-0 Comoros. The Sparrow Hawks claim an early lead in Lome, with an own goal from Comoros’ Kassim M’Dahoma in the 10th minute putting them 2-1 up on aggregate.

18:10 – Coming up in 20 minutes will be the kick-off of the Guinea-Bissau v Sao Tome e Principe match from Bissau. The hosts lead lead 1-0 from the first leg.

18:05 – Back underway in Luanda, where Angola will look to build on their lead over Gambia.

18:00 – Kick-off! We are underway in Lome for Togo v Comoros and in Kigali for Rwanda v Seychelles.

Here are the line-ups:

Togo – Barcola, Atakora, Atchou, Ayite, Bebou, Dakonam, Dossevi, Laba, Lawson, Olufade, Ouro-Sama.

Comoros – Ahamada, Abdou, Alhadhur, Bachirou, Mchangama, M’Dahoma, Fardou Ben, Mze Ali, Selemanie, B. Youssouf, I. Youssouf.

Rwanda – Kimyeni, Omborenga, Imanishimwe, Rwatubyaye, Bayisenge, Mukunzi, Bizimana, Muhire, Kagere, Tuyisenge, Hakizimana.

Seychelles – Barra, Fanchette, Constance, Souris, Esther, Sinon, G. Vidot, Labrosse, Mothe, S. Vidot.

17:55 – Full time! Mozambique 2-0 Mauritius. The Mambas ease through to the group phase draw with a 2-0 (3-0 aggregate) win over Mauritius.

17:50 – Half time! Angola very much in charge in Luanda – 1-0 up on the day and 2-0 overall.

17:40 – GOAL! Angola 1-0 Gambia. Geraldo nets for Angola in the 41st minute, putting hosts 1-0 up (and 2-0 on aggregate) against Gambia.

17:37 – GOAL! Mozambique 2-0 Mauritius. The Mambas move into a 2-0 lead on the day and 3-0 overall, with Geny Catamo converting a 77th minute penalty.

17:30 – Coming up in half an hour is the clash between Togo and Comoros from Lome, with the aggregate score locked at 1-1. We’ll also have Rwanda v Seychelles, which is standing at 3-0 on aggregate in favour of the hosts.

17:15 – We’re into the second half of Mozambique v Mauritius, with the former leading 1-0 on the day and 2-0 on aggregate.

17:00 – Kick-off! We are underway in Luanda for Angola v Gambia.

Here are the line-ups:

Angola – Cabaca, Bastos, Isaac, Wilson Carmo, Nurio, Herenilson, Show, Fredy, Mateus, Geraldo, Fabio Abreu.

Gambia – Jobe, Njie, O. Colley, Bojang, Touray, Mbye, Ngum, Sohna, E. Colley, Jallow, Ceesay.

16:57 – Full time! Zimbabwe 3-1 Somalia and Eswatini 0-0 Djibouti. Done and dusted in Harare and Manzini! Zimbabwe’s incredible late show saw them secure a 3-1 win (3-2 on aggregate) to advance at Somalia’s expense! Eswatini, meanwhile, were left frustrated in their 0-0 draw, but it’s delight for Djibouti, who advance into the second round!

16:56 – Half time! Mozambique lead Mauritius 1-0 at the break in Maputo.

16:55 – GOAL! Zimbabwe 3-1 Somalia. Incredible scenes in Harare, where Khama Billiat has scored an injury time goal to put Zimbabwe 3-1 up on the day and 3-2 on aggregate!

16:50 – GOAL! Zimbabwe 2-1 Somalia. The hosts in Harare reclaim the lead on the day through Admiral Muskwe in the 88th minute and make it 2-2 on aggregate, but Somalia still have the edge on away goals!

16:47 – GOAL! Zimbabwe 1-1 Somalia. The reprieve is short lived for Zimbabwe, as Somalia net an 86th minute equaliser through Omar Mohamed to go back in front in the aggregate score (2-1) – and it’s an all-important away goal!

16:40 – GOAL! Zimbabwe 1-0 Somalia. A key goal for the Warriors, scored by Marshal Munetsi in the 77th minute, has put them 1-0 up in Harare and levelled the tie against Somalia at 1-1 on aggregate!

16:35 – Less than half an hour before kick-off of another second-leg match, as Angola take on Gambia in Luanda. The Palancas Negras hold a 1-0 lead overall.

16:25 – Still goalless in Manzini and Harare, where Eswatini and Zimbabwe are running out of time (both matches past the hour mark) to overturn their deficits against Djibouti and Somalia respectively!

16:12 – GOAL! Mozambique 1-0 Mauritius. The Mambas have an early lead in Maputo thanks to Clesio Bauque! Mozambique now lead the tie 2-0 on aggregate and look set to advance into the second round.

16:10 – We’re into the second halves for Eswatini v Djibouti and Zimbabwe v Somalia, with Sihlangu Semnikati and the Warriors both looking to recover from first-leg deficits in the final 45 minutes of their respective ties.

16:05 – Kick-off! We are underway in Maputo with the second leg between Mozambique and Mauritius.

Here are the line-ups:

Mozambique – Franque, Zainadine, Mussagy, Mexer, Reinildo, Kambala, Kito, Catamo, Clesio, Ratifo, Witi.

Mauritius – Kevin, Rose, Saint-Martin, Rasolofonirina, Augustin, Agathe, Villeneuve, Perticots, Bru, Francois, Nazira.

16:00 – Full time! Malawi 1-0 Botswana. The Flames are the first side to advance into the group stage draw from today’s matches, overcoming Botswana 1-0 both on the day and on aggregate across the two legs!

15:50 – Half time! We’ve reached the interval for both Eswatini v Djibouti and Zimbabwe v Somalia – both games remain locked at 0-0.

15:45 – GOAL! Malawi 1-0 Botswana. Finally our first goal of the day arrives, and it’s an 81st minute penalty from Gerald Phiri Jr to put Malawi 1-0 up on the day and in the tie overall!

15:35 – We’re just under half an hour away from kick-off in Maputo for Mozambique v Mauritius, with the Mambas holding a 1-0 lead from the first leg.

15:25 – Past the hour mark between the Flames and the Zebras, with the score line still blank.

15:10 – Back underway in Blantyre for Malawi v Botswana. Still 0-0 on the day and overall… this tie could be headed for extra time and possibly penalties!

15:00 – Kick-off! We are underway in Manzini and Harare for Eswatini v Djibouti (1-2 on aggregate) and Zimbabwe v Somalia (0-1 on aggregate) respectively.

Here are the line-ups:

Eswatini – Sandanezwe, P. Dlamini, Figuareido, Gamedze, Mamba, Matsenjwa, Mkhonta, Ndlovu, Ndzabandzaba, Ndzinisa, Ngwenya.

Djibouti – Hanyuke, Djama, Dirir, Elabeh, Farada, Fouad, Hamza, Hirir, Mahabeh, M.F. Mohamed, Wais.

Zimbabwe – Chipezeze, Mudimu, Hadebe, Lubga, Billiat, Munetsi, Mahachi, Karuru, Nekati, Rusike, Augusto.

Somalia – Ali, Farah, Ali Mohamed, Said Ahmed, Gigli, Safioyo, Ahmed Ali, Safimayo, Abdullahi, Shakunda, Omar Mohamed.

14:55 – Half time! It’s still goalless between Malawi and Botswana in Blantyre and we’ve reached the half-way mark of the second leg.

14:35 – Past the half hour mark in Blantyre, where it remains 0-0 between the Flames and the Zebras. Coming up in 25 minutes is the kick-off of Eswatini v Djibouti and Zimbabwe v Somalia.

14:11 – Botswana with an early change, as Mpho Kaswane makes way for Onkabetse Makgantai in just the 10th minute.

14:00 – Kick-off! We are underway in the first match of the day, which sees Botswana host Malawi in Blantyre. The first leg in Francistown this past weekend ended 0-0, leaving this tie delicately poised.

Here are the line-ups:

Malawi – Munthali, Banda, Chester, Cholopi, Idana, Mbulu, Mhango, Petro, Phiri, Sambani, Sanudi.

Botswana – Dambe, Cooper, Ditlhokwe, Gaolaolwe, Johnson, Kgaswane, Leinanyane, Mathumo, Mogorosi, Ngele, Setsile.

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