Lauren remembers row with Thierry Henry

Lauren remembers row with Thierry Henry
Arsenal's Lauren with teammate Thierry Henry

by Graeme Jackson

Thursday Apr 23, 2020. 16:00

Cameroon and Arsenal great Lauren has recalled a heated row he had with Gunners teammate Thierry Henry early in his career with the Premier League giants.

The right-back signed for Arsenal in 2000 and went on to have a great career with the club, but in his second campaign in 2001-02 he was left fuming in a UEFA Champions League clash away to Deportivo la Coruna when Henry angrily gestured at the right-back for a misplaced pass.

Lauren felt particularly embarrassed as his family, living in Spain, were watching the match on television.

“It was live on TV, the Champions League, in Spain, and all my family and all my friends watched him raising his hands,” Lauren told The Athletic.

“I said to myself, ‘What are you doing that for?’ I thought, ‘This guy doesn’t know me.’ I’m very quiet and humble but if you switch the wrong button I don’t mind to face anyone. I just went mad.

“I waited for everyone to come inside the dressing room and when Thierry came in I took this bottle and threw it at him and it smashed the mirror.

“I nearly broke the dressing room. I wanted to smash him but I didn’t do it because we wouldn’t win without Thierry of course.

“I was screaming at everyone to shut up. It was hushed in there, like a cemetery. Everyone was surprised. ‘Why is this guy doing this to Thierry Henry?!’ We were all competitive players with ambition.”

Lauren and Henry resolved their relationship and went on to play key roles as Arsenal won a domestic double that season, and both featured prominently in the Gunners’ ‘Invincibles’ in 2003-04.

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