Al Merreikh

Al Merreikh was founded as Sport Club of Al Masalma in late 1908 by pupils from Al Masalam district in Omdurman and was then renamed Al Merreikh Football Club in 1927.

The club was the winner of the first Sudanese football championship in 1934, long before Sudan became independent.

The first match between Al Merreikh and arch rivals Al Hilal was in 1934 when Merreikh defeated Al Hilal with two goals from Al Zain Haiba. The match is known historically as ‘the match of the green grass market ‘ since there were no stadiums at that time and the match was held in the famous square of Omdurman, then the national capital of Sudan.

Since independence, Al Merreikh have won 17 Sudanese titles, including the league and cup double last year. They trail Al Hilal in overall league and cup titles but have achieved what their arch rivals have not yet been able to do – win a title in African club competition.

Al Merreikh were victors in the 1989 edition of the old African Cup Winners’ Cup, beating Nigeria’s Bendel Insurance in the final. Al Merreikh compete in the group phase of the African Champions League for the first time this year.

The club have their own newspaper in Sudan, such is the fervour of support they enjoy.